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Letters to the Editor

I love writing letters to the editor. It's very satisfying. Publication and feedback are immediate. My first letter to the editor was a long rant against the War on Drugs, and to my delight it stirred up outraged replies and an invitation to appear on local talk radio, where I further outraged many of my fellow citizens by committing the crime of telling the truth about the misbegotten War on Drugs. (This was the early 80s, when such a view was far more heretical than today.) I've written dozens of letters since. I often write on political topics, but I write on other stuff too. I write mostly to amuse and entertain myself, and also sometimes to express disgust, to piss off some jerks and tyrants, and help support what I deem a good cause. Some of my best writing has been in letters. Here's a sampling, both published and unpublished.

Our Monstrous President

Bush Knew About U.S. Torture -- Impeach Him

Impeach Bush Now for NSA Spying Outrage

Pro-Liberty, Anti-Bush: Impeach Bush Now

The Insane War on Drugs

Bob Barr Is Barr-baric on Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Should Be Legal

End the Drug War -- Vote Libertarian

Sodomy Is Now Legal -- Why Not Drugs Next?

Fight Terrorism by Ending the War on Drugs

A Medley of Political Topics

Don't Reform the Income Tax -- Abolish It

Don't Tell the Truth About Our Nightmarish Schools

Georgia's Repressive Ballot Laws

Libertarians Fight U.S. Census Abuse

Liberty vs. Security

Libertarianism and The Libertarian Party

Vote for Harry Browne for President, 2000

Voters Want a Third Party

Take the World's Smallest Political Quiz

Libertarians Offer Attractive Alternative

Libertarians Explained: A Coalition for Freedom


The Right Way to Torture a Cat

Those Bloodthirsty Terrifying Deer

Politicians and Other Plagues

Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) -- Terrorist

RIP: The Late Sen. Chaffee Was No "Moderate"

Dick Morris's Shocking Revelation

Michael Reagan Sounds Like A Commie Dictator

Associated Press and Other Media Lie About John Kerry Senate Race

The Geraldine Ferraro Urban Legend

Miscellaneous Matters

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