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Impeach Bush Now for NSA Spying Outrage

Dear editor,
Your editorial "Clear, Present Danger" clearly shows that President Bush threatens the most fundamental rights our Founding Fathers secured for us -- rights that generations of Americans have fought to defend and expand.
For months, many commentators have argued that Bush lied to deceive the United States into the Iraq war. If true, this is a monstrous crime against the American people and the world.
Now we have the shocking new revelation that Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to  carry out surveillance of United States citizens -- without any evidence of criminal activity, without court order, without congressional debate
This would seem to be a clear violation of federal wiretapping law, the Privacy Act, and, of course, the Fourth Amendment. These are not merely bad decisions. They are high crimes.
Given all this -- and there is, of course, much more -- it is time for your editorial board to stop merely criticizing Bush. It is now time to openly call for his impeachment.
And there is no time to waste. Many critics argue that Bush may be on the verge of provoking war with Syria, Iran, or other countries. Bush must be stopped before another unjust war is launched. Or before another secret police-state action is taken.
Millions of Americans -- Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and independents -- will support impeachment, if any of the above charges are true. Most Americans still believe that no one should be above the law. And no human being is more dangerous than a dishonest or desperate president with his finger on the nuclear trigger.
It is time to sound the call: impeach Bush now!
James W. Harris

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution; published in a slightly edited form, Dec. 2005)

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