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“...an author, like any other so-called artist, is a man in whom the normal vanity of all men is so vastly exaggerated that he finds it a sheer impossibility to hold it in. His over-powering impulse is to gyrate before his fellow men, flapping his wings and emitting defiant yells. This being forbidden by the police of all civilized nations, he takes it out by putting his yells on paper. Such is the thing called self-expression.”   — H.L. Mencken


Articles: Articles on political and non-political matters

55 word fiction: A collection of my award-winning and un-award-winning short-short stories -- each one no longer than 55 words.

Poetry: Poems published and unpublished, on topics ranging from Gamera the giant flying turtle to Tanya Harding's butt to war and liberty.

Letters to the Editor: I write zillions of them. Here are some of my favorites on political and non-political subjects.

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