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My poetry has appeared in publications including The Wicked, The Georgia Journal, Auricular Immersion Media, and Poets Against War.

Here is a sampling, published and unpublished, grouped roughly by category.

Please note: I welcome the use of my poems, in both online and print publications. Please contact me for permission.

The Fabio Poems

Yes, a whole heapful of poems celebrating the great romance novel cover model, author, bon-vivant, singer, and all-around great guy Fabio!

Poems about Tonya Harding's Butt

Plus a short essay on same.


A grab-bag of poems about oddball stuff like white trash mamas, Z-movie king Al Adamson, canned meat,  fetishistic sex with robots, Gamera the Giant Flying Turtle,  and more.

Individualism and liberty

Wake up. The world and the State are constantly trying to control and enslave you. Here are some poems about it.

Anti-war poems

War is the health of the State. And that's just one reason to oppose it.


Like it says.

Other writings by James W. Harris

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