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"Anybody who paints and sees a sky green and pastures blue ought to be sterilized." -- Adolph Hitler, art critic.

USING THE GALLERIES: Click on any link below and it will open a gallery with thumbnails and one large piece. You can click on any thumbnail and it will fill the large space. Or you can view all items in the gallery as a slideshow, with each piece showing for 5 seconds. To start or stop the slideshow, click the small arrow at the bottom left of the gallery. To exit the gallery and return to this page, simply close the gallery page. 

USING MY ARTWORK:  I am very interested in having these exhibited or used at Web sites or in publications. Please contact me about this.


Shapes and Colors

Gallery 1

Gallery 2            

Gallery 3

Creatures and Places

Men in Masks

Places 1                   

Places 2


Monsters and Creatures

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