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Libertarians Offer Attractive Alternative for Disenchanted Voters

Dear editor,

I believe [Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor] Jay Bookman is absolutely correct that large numbers of fiscal conservatives and libertarian-leaning voters are appalled by the scandals and the insane spending of the Republican party, both in Georgia and nationally. He might have added that the ongoing Republican assault on our fundamental civil liberties has become intolerable to many of those same voters.

Bookman predicts such voters might just sit out this election. I have a far better suggestion for them. Why not vote Libertarian this year?

The Libertarian Party will be running candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and other statewide races. These candidates are solidly committed to cutting government spending, reducing taxes, and protecting our precious Bill of Rights freedoms. This year more than ever, Libertarians deserve the serious attention of disenchanted Georgia voters.

A big increase in votes for Libertarians this year will send a powerful message to both of the two older parties -- straighten up, or get ready to start losing elections.


James W. Harris

(Published in Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 27, 2006)

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