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Voters Want Third Party

Dear editor,

The article “Poll finds desire for third party” (Dec. 25, pg. C2) reports that over 40% of voters are looking for third-party alternatives. Those voters should seriously consider America’s most organized and most successful third party, the Libertarian Party.

Unlike other third parties currently receiving media attention, the Libertarian Party is a genuine national political party, with chapters in every state and many cities and counties. The party regularly runs candidates for local, state and national office, and has won hundreds of races. Currently around 300 Libertarians hold offices across America, ranging from city council to state legislature. No other third party can make such claims.

This year the Libertarian Party has announced plans to run more than 2,000 candidates, the largest slate any American third party has run since the mid-1930’s. That includes at least 218 candidates for Congress alone – enough to contest a majority of seats
In an era when political positions are chosen by opinion polls instead of conviction, the Libertarian Party has remained refreshingly true to the ideals that led to its founding in 1971: limited government, free markets, civil liberties, personal responsibility, and the idea that people should be free to live as they choose, so long as they don’t harm the lives or property of others.

That’s a vision with roots deep in American history – and a vision the older parties have utterly abandoned. The Libertarian Party is building, brick by brick, a genuine political alternative to the “statist quo.” Voters fed up with Democratic and Republican malarkey should check it out.


James W. Harris

(Unpublished letter, sent, I think, to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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