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Senator Zell Miller (D-GA), Terrorist

Dear editor,

I was horrified and outraged by Sen. Zell Miller’s Senate speech on the September 11 terrorist attack, in which he stated: “I say bomb the hell out of them. If there’s collateral damage, so be it. They certainly found our citizens to be expendable.”

This is a monstrous, profoundly immoral statement. The people Miller dismisses as “collateral damage” are utterly innocent men, women and children -- civilians who bear no more responsibility for the terrorist attack than those Americans who died in it.

Miller’s words are a call for mass murder. They put him on the same moral level as the terrorists themselves: perfectly willing to kill hordes of innocent people in order to achieve political ends.

With these words, Miller has shown he is unfit to hold any office. Indeed, he is unfit to be in the company of decent men and women.


James W. Harris


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