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Pro-Liberty, Anti-Bush: Impeach Bush Now

Dear editor,

Thanks, Jack Lessenberry, for calling for the impeachment of Bush. I only hope many more commentators and newspapers will show similar courage and wisdom in the face of the great threat to our freedoms the Bush regime poses.

Some people will dismiss calls for impeachment as being just "liberal" or "Democratic." But this is very wrong.

Some of the loudest protests against the war -- and how it is being waged at home and abroad -- are coming from prominent conservatives and free-market libertarians. The left would greatly benefit by understanding this and making alliances to insure Bush's madness is halted. .

Just a few examples of conservatives opposed to the war: Pat Buchanan; MSNBCs Tucker Carlson; columnists Joseph Sobran and Charlie Reese; Jeffrey Hart, speechwriter for President Reagan; Paul Craig Roberts, one of President Reagan's highest-ranking Treasury Department officials; former Reagan Secretary of the Navy James Webb; Brent Scowcroft, national-security adviser to the Ford and Bush Senior administrations; Scott McConnell, executive editor of The American Conservative magazine. There are endless others.
Similarly, free-market libertarians have long opposed the war and Bush's domestic tyranny. Antiwar.com, the largest anti-interventionist web site, with over 85,000 visitors per day, is run by libertarians. The Libertarian Party, America's third-largest political party, opposes the war and published an exit strategy long ago. The libertarian Cato Institute, one of America's most influential think tanks, opposes the war. The great libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is one of the leading congressional opponents of the war and the police-state laws that have accompanied it.

Defending the Bill of Rights is not about liberal versus conservative. It's about freedom versus tyranny.

A diverse pro-liberty, anti-Bush coalition exists and is growing daily. Let the cry go up: Impeach Bush! 


James W. Harris

(Published in Detroit Metro Times, December 2005; Jack Lessenberry is a columnist for that publication.)

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