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-- MicroCineFest film festival

"Cooler than anything in either Jack Frost killer snowman movies, 50 times funnier than, well, that Michael Keaton Jack Frost and more entertaining special effects than episode #813 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (entitled Jack Frost). In less than two minutes, Ed Wood and Martin Landau have been done proud."

  -- Eric Childress, Chicago Film Critics Association

"As much stupidity as can be crammed into 117 seconds."

-- Rome International Film Festival


An award-winning film by James W. Harris

An Official Selection of these Wonderful Film Festivals:

MicroCineFest (Baltimore)

Mini-Cinema Short Film Festival (West Virginia)

ZombieDance (Austin)

Ripon College Cinemaniacs Festival (Wisconsin)

Chicago "Really" Short Film Festival

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival's "Tasteless Comedy Carnival"

Bearded Child Film Festival (Minnesota): Winner, Juror's Choice Award

Rome International Film Festival (formerly Dahlonega International Film Festival, Georgia)

Melbourne Independent Film Festival (Florida)

Denver Underground Film Festival (Colorado)

Outhouse Film and Video Festival (Louisiana)

“Best of Bearded Child” 2006 Touring Film Festival (tour played dozens of venues across US, starting at Nevada’s world-renowned “Burning Man.”)

Hi Mom! Film Festival (North Carolina)

International Festival of Cinema and Technology (New York)

Play House Short Shorts Film Festival (Duluth, Minnesota)


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