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MicroCineFest 2003: SEASON'S GREETINGS had its World Premiere at Baltimore's acclaimed MicroCineFest in October 2003. MicroCineFest called it "jaw-dropping." Film festival authority Chris Gore (editor of Film Threat, star of IFC's "Ultimate Film Fanatic," and author of The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide) describes MicroCineFest as “one of the ten best underground film festivals.”

Mini-Cinema Short Film Festival (West Virginia): February 2004. Festival founder Justin Channel said the film "went over EXTREMELY well… it provided the crowd with a solid two minutes of laughter and there were requests to see it again later in the night." (Please note, the film is just under two minutes long.) This festival is listed among the "rest of the best North American film festivals" in film festival authority Chris Gore's book The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide.

ZombieDance: 6th annual  ZombieDance psychotronic film festival, Austin, Texas. Hailed by film critic Joe Bob Briggs ("Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In") for "restoring the zombie to its rightful place at the apex of American cinema!" March 2004.

Ripon College Cinemaniacs Festival: Ripon, Wisconsin, April 2004.

Chicago "Really" Short Film Festival: SEASON'S GREETINGS played at this festival in April 2004 and received the following review from festival judge Eric Childress of the Chicago Film Critics Association:

"Cooler than anything in either Jack Frost killer snowman movies, 50 times funnier than, well, that Michael Keaton Jack Frost and more entertaining special effects than episode #813 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (entitled Jack Frost). In less than two minutes, Ed Wood and Martin Landau have been done proud."

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival's "Tasteless Comedy Carnival": May 2004.

Bearded Child Film Festival (Minnesota): SEASON’S GREETINGS won the "Juror’s Special Recognition Award" at this festival (August 2004), where it played in the “Cult Classics” section of the program.

Rome International Film Festival (formerly Dahlonega International Film Festival): This widely-respected Georgia festival says it shows "the planet's most intriguing and promising filmmakers.” September 2004.

Melbourne Independent Film Festival (Florida): September 2004.  Warm international festival with super facilities.

Denver Underground Film Festival: December 2004; fest officials say it "is considered the most sought-after festival through the Western grapevine."

Outhouse Film and Video Festival: Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, April 2005.

“Best of Bearded Child” Touring Film Festival: Hit dozens of venues across the U.S., beginning at Nevada’s world-renowned “Burning Man” celebration.

Hi Mom! Film Festival (North Carolina): June 2006. Acclaimed festival of wonderful oddball films. Played in the "Midnight Madness" section of the festival.

International Festival of Cinema and Technology (New York): October 2006. Held at NYC's Millenium Film Workshop Screening Room. According to the festival, "Past projects which have screened at IFCT currently are distributed through Showtime, Artisan, Big Film Shorts, Women Make Movies, Transmission Films, Fox Studios, Video Project, Amaze Films, PBS, among many others."

Play Ground Short Shorts Festival (Duluth, Minnesota): Sold-out annual festival of short films. February 2009.

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